Thursday, 26 July 2012

Learn something

Does everyone get sidetracked when they've done an online search for something?! I was looking at the BBC news site, to see if there was anything interesting on there that related to my work - and any pressing celeb gossip I should know about obviously. I ended up reading about a new scheme to deliver free higher education for all - not related to my job at all, but I thought it was really interesting.

Big fancy American universities such as Princeton and Stanford (we've all seen the hoodies!) host courses on Coursera, and the University of Edinburgh has just become their first UK partner. The website lets anyone sign up for free and get access to online courses delivered by academics at these universities. They're not degree level, although you do get a certificate, and there's quite a random assortment just now. But I think the idea is a great one.

Education shouldn't be about how much money you have or your parents have. It should be about wanting to learn and achieve something for yourself. I don't agree with the government strategy of encouraging everyone to go to uni straight from school; some people aren't suited for it or are not interested in it. But I do think that opening up access to learning for those that want it is so important.

Quite tempted to sign up for something...

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  1. I believe in education in all the many and varied forms it takes and this sounds like a really interesting idea.


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