Tuesday, 10 July 2012


I made it there and back! I have never experienced such a wet and muddy festival but I had such a good time with all the choir people. It was really nice to go away and spend some time together as most of the time we're singing and don't really get a chance to chat.

We got on a bus on Saturday morning then had to walk for miles with our stuff in the pouring rain to get our Performer wristbands, aka wondrous tickets to secret campsites, flushing toilets and roast dinners. We camped in a very civilised perfomers area campsite with an actual toilet block with showers and a hairdryer. It may as well have been the Ritz compared to the actual campsite.

I saw very few bands and spend a disproportionate amount of time in the hospitality bar, where it was dry and warm(ish).

On Sunday we had the big performance. We were singing in the Kaleidoscope Tent which was sponsored by Creative Scotland. It had a strange line up of ceilidh bands, string quartets, break-dancing, singer-songwriters and us!

The tent itself was pretty huge so we all needed to get psyched up. After a campsite rehearsal in the morning we went to get our free meal tickets and had the best roast beef Sunday lunch ever, totally set us all up for the afternoon. We then went backstage and had a warm up before going on. The crowd was pretty small but I think we won them over. We sang really well and everyone was buzzing afterwards!

Later that evening the bus collected us again and we had a massive sing along all the way home. It was so much fun! But I'll never be able to go back to a festival as a civilian again :)


  1. Aww, it sounds amazing :) Roast dinners and hairdryers aren't your usual titp experience I'll say!

  2. This is it - it'll be helicopters next year. Sounds like so much fun!


  3. This sound ace. I want roast dinners and hairdryers at the next festival I go to!


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