Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Tonight I'm going tent shopping in preparation for the weekend. My top priority for a tent is that it's waterproof. I anticipate that, along with rain, my weekend will contain mud, alcohol in plastic cups, noodles and burgers. I'm going to T in the Park. I am 30, I'm too old for T in the Park. But this time is different, this time I'm a performer!

I am part of a choir and we're singing at the festival on Sunday evening. We're a cool choir though, just so we're clear on that. We do covers of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, They Might Be Giants and Corona (remember them?) and we like mash ups. I only went along to keep my friend company but I've loved it since the first week. There's nothing like a couple of hours of singing every week to cheer you up!

Along with all that mud and rain, we get free travel, tickets and access to the fancy performers area. I am hoping that performers area = nicer toilets. If it does I'll be happy. If it doesn't I might throw some sort of diva strop. I'm a performer don't you know?!


  1. oh my goodness how exciting! I am well jealous! Need to find myself a choir like that.

    (sorry if this posted twice, tried commenting from my phone and it didn't seem to work properly)

    1. It only seems to be showing up once! There's a choir in Edinburgh that looks like it might be similar (but they seem way more organised than we are!)


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