Thursday, 5 July 2012


Today I contemplated running at lunchtime. I didn't do it but I did think about it, that's a step in the right direction :).

My main problem with lunchtime exercise is my tendency to sweat profusely on my face and go bright red. It's not a good look. But I think I'll start doing it on days where I don't have meetings. Or I might run after work then it's only my husband who has to see my bright red face all the way home. He's so lucky!

I was considering it because I want to start running again. I'm not very good and I've never run any sort of race at all, I'm not very competitive so they don't really interest me. But running is something I can visibly see myself improving at when I stick at it (and getting much worse at when I don't bother) and seeing my own improvement really motivates me. I'm neither fast nor able to go on for long distances, but I can go further than a few weeks ago which is all I can really hope for!

I did read a few tips which have helped me a bit by making me think about how I run.

Don't clench your fists - imagine you're holding something fragile like a crisp! Obviously I'd rather be eating crisps than holding imaginary ones but that sort of defeats the purpose of running doesn't it?

Try not to bob your head. If people saw you from behind a fence (creepy people watching you from behind a fence?) they shouldn't be able to tell if you're walking or running, aside from the beetroot face obviously.

Breathe in and out through your mouth. This one does contradict what some sources say but I think even being aware of your breathing when running is helpful.

Keep going! Three times a week is what I'm aiming for, otherwise I don't progress very well.

Anything obvious I'm missing?


  1. I am hoping to go for a run this weekend and will do the imaginary crisp thing - thank you!

  2. I went for my first run in years on Saturday... wasn't so bad but I think that was just the novelty of it! The holding the crisp thing is weird... does that help just because you're less tense? A friend used to tell me not to bounce as I stepped as then you're using energy to go up rather than forward... not sure if that's true but it sounds logical!


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