Wednesday, 4 July 2012

My favourite new purchase

There are some shops I haven't set foot in in years. I'm not a fan of trawling through rails of 'unusual garments' to reach the normal stuff appropriate for someone who's not a stick thin hipster. See here and here for further examples.

Recently I saw 2 different people wearing a top, decided I had to find it and had a couple of hours delay at Gatwick. What's a girl to do? Obviously scour the websites of all the womens' clothes shops you can think of until you find it.

River Island was pretty far down my list. I don't even know when I last went in there. However, I take it all back because it was the source of my current favourite t-shirt. For a bargain £10.

I've only worn it with jeans but I think tucked in to a skirt I could get away with it for work. Hubby says I look like a French flag. Not impressed.


  1. It's lovely! I avoid River Island like the plague - they do that thing where someone was probably ok till they stuck more sparkles on it.

    I'll maybe go in and have a look now...

    Love the new blogness!

    1. River Island has stopped putting glitter and writing on everything. Unfortunately the main trends they are doing are the tribal and neon trends this season but their clothes have been getting so much better lately. I was tempted to buy this tee this week!

      Their men's clothes are now half decent too, it seems the trend to stick silly writing on that has gone as well. :)

    2. I'm not sure if I'm a complete convert to them but I'll certainly keep more of an open mind!


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