Thursday, 9 August 2012

Time to waste

I’ve just had a bit of good news about my job. I’m currently covering for someone who’s on maternity cover and yesterday she told me she wasn’t planning to come back until January. Good news because I’ve got to pay for holidays somehow! But also it means an extra 4 months of commuting while still not being in a permanent job.

I don’t actually mind the travelling part of commuting; it’s the waste of time that gets me. In my old job I left the house after 9 and walked to work. This meant I could do dishes, hoovering, tidying up, washing… or just have a lie in, watch tv or read for a bit before I went to work (some of these happened more than others!). Now I leave before 7 every day and rarely get home before 18.30 if not later. The bonus is extra reading time, or circling things from the Fringe programme time this week!

It would be quicker if I commuted by myself but the hubby also travels to work. Unfortunately we work on completely different sides of Edinburgh so one of us has to drop the other off and then drive across the city. I always campaign to get dropped off first since my work is a million times easier to get to, but I don’t always win.

Commuting has transformed me into an early riser and with that comes early to bed. I used to regularly stay up until 1am but nowadays I quite like getting more than 5 ½ hours sleep so bedtime is more like 10.30, 11 if I’m feeling crazy! So my evenings are shorter. Housework, gym, friends, food shopping, eating dinner… I struggle to fit it all in my 3 hour window and sometimes long for the days when work was a 15 minute walk away.

However all that aside, I don’t dread Sunday nights anymore. I really enjoy my current job and I’m good at it which makes the commute worthwhile. I don’t know what I’ll do in the future. We’re hoping to move from our flat to a house next year but that involves lots of saving and deciding where to buy. I need a job to be able to do that and I’m craving a bit of stability in my work life. So who knows?

Do you commute to work? Are there any tricks to finding the time for everything else?

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  1. I think in London we all commute. We get up at six and head to bed at ten most weeknights. It means we record stuff we want to watch on TV and prioritise. Seeing friends needs to be spread out so we get enough sleep, but in the long run it all works out okay. It just takes a while to get into the rhythm of it all.


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