Friday, 10 May 2013

#BEDM-Travel Dreams

I didn't do the last 2 posts for Blog Every Day in May as I didn't really feel I had much to say on them. I'm conscious that these posts are written very quickly and probably not as much thought goes in to them as it should do. But I'm writing them at work as I am computer-less right now so if nothing else it's polishing up my (minimal) html skills!

I do love a holiday but as I've got older I've been torn between the relaxation and chill-out versus getting out there and doing things. I think my ideal is a mix of both.

I don't have an exotic holiday booked this year but one of my friends is getting married in Belfast so we're taking a few days to travel up the Antrim Coast and have just booked a wigwam near Giant's Causeway. I'm beyond excited by the prospect of sleeping in a wigwam! We've also got a hotel in Belfast for a night, a city I've been to a couple of times but not for years. I'm hoping to go over to the Titanic Quarter as there wasn't much there last time I visited.

If you've never been to Giant's Causeway I'd definitely recommend it. It is so much bigger than I imagined and it's amazing just to be able to walk over all the hexagons. I'm really looking forward to going back. In fact, the whole Antrim Coast is gorgeous, especially if the sun shines like the last time I was there...finger crossed!

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  1. Your post made me miss home :( I'm from Larne (a wee town about 20 mile from Belfast) and I spent most of my school holidays visiting places along the Antrim coast with my granny :)
    I live in England now but were going back over home this summer and treating my boys to a tour of the sights, the Causeway being one of them!

    Kerri x

  2. Oh I really do need to go there. I think M is biased towards Skye after spending so many summers there as a kid but I really want to go to the Giant's Causeway and oh my goodness a Wigwam?! So cool.

  3. A wigwam? Amazing! That will be so much fun! Ireland is is on my list of places to visit - the giants causeway would be such a cool thing to see! I hope you have fun when you go! Xo

  4. Wow - a wigwam! That sounds so cool! :)


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