Monday, 6 May 2013

#BEDM - bank holiday

No posts on Saturday or Sunday for me as I was away in the gorgeous Dumfries and Galloway for a birthday trip! This is a quick one too and written on the ipad so I apologise for any formatting issues in advance.

My husband doesn't get bank holidays off work so they're usually my 'me time'. I had planned to spend today doing a bit of crochet, tidying up the house and maybe popping into the shops with my birthday vouchers. However, my mum and dad decided to come and visit me for my birthday which scuppers those plans. We went for a couple of drinks last night and they've just gone off to the museum near my flat while I do a little bit of housework and write this blog post! I'm meeting them in half an hour for lunch then my dad wants to go to the shops. He's definitely the biggest shopaholic in our family.

In past years the May Day bank holiday has traditionally meant a Sunday night out for my birthday. Now I like to enjoy a relaxing day and savour the four day working week-proper sign of getting old!

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  1. Not getting old - getting wise! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! x

  2. My dad is the biggest shopaholic in my family too! And men say they don't like to shop! :)



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