Thursday, 2 May 2013

#BEDM - Spring

PicMonkey Collage

To me, spring heralds the appearance of light and colour back to my life.

Winters in Scotland can be very dark and grey so I really appreciate the light mornings when they begin.
This year I've been trying to buy myself more flowers. They really brighten up the room and don't have to be expensive to feel like a treat. The daffodils and freesia in the photos cost a few pounds and made my living room brighter and happier. I should really buy some more.

When I was young daffodils grew everywhere and we used to pick them for money in the school Easter holidays. Your flowers were scrutinised to make sure they were the correct length of stem. It was so nerve-wracking to take them up to the man in charge in case he refused them and you didn't get paid! Ah, the good old days.

The flowers in the scientific glassware were on the tables at my friend's wedding recently. We shared a bench when we worked in the lab and her old boss lent her all the different flasks which were then filled with a gorgeous mix of wildflowers. They were very much admired, and not just by the scientists!

Tonight I'm off to the opening of a new exhibition at my work, lured in by the promise of canapes and bubbly, before I finish for a long weekend. I'm hoping the weather remains spring-like but having seen the forecast this morning I'm not hopeful.

Images all by me, on my phone, because I'm lazy and rarely carry a camera.
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  1. LOVE the flowers in the flasks! I know what you mean about the light mornings - they make the day that bit easier to face :) x

  2. Those flowers are really pretty in the flasks!

  3. Such pretty flowers! It is so nice when spring finally rolls round in Scotland - it feels like it took forever this year, didn't it? Xo

  4. SPRING! I love the flowers in the flasks!


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