Thursday, 7 March 2013

This week

Spring arrived and left again. I heard on the news on Monday that it hadn’t rained in Glasgow for three weeks. This is nothing short of a minor miracle, one which had not gone unnoticed and for which I was very grateful. Those three weeks are over.

Weekend waffle making and a trip to Summerlee while the sunshine lasted.

Five times in 2 days I’ve been asked if I was a student. I am under no illusions that it was out of desperation to get votes in the student elections rather than my youthful looks, but I’ll still take it as a win. I cleared out my jewellery box - a long overdue task. I got some stacking ones for Christmas that have been sitting in my bedroom looking very pretty but completely empty.

Last night I spread out every bit of jewellery I own on the floor. Lots of reminders stored in that box; of family and friends, a high school dance, special birthdays, weddings or just the memory of buying something. Everything was picked up, examined, organised and put away in its new place. I’ve resolved to try and wear more jewellery as I have lots that had been forgotten - starting today with these little silver earrings.

Crochet friends to send off for Mothers' Day!

I finished ‘Great House’ by Nicole Krauss, I didn’t love it. I found the interweaving stories a bit confusing and it all felt a bit literary and clever for my simple reading tastes. I love a good story, a book that grips me and makes me want to find out more. I didn’t really care about finding out more in this book and there wasn’t really a conclusion to speak of in the end. It was ok but I think there are better books out there to read before this one. ‘Gone Girl’ on the other hand, I’m already hooked and trying to figure out when I can sneak in some more reading time!


  1. Waffles look fab! Did you make it to Lidl for the wafflemaker after all then? And I need to get me some daffodils, they are so cheery!

  2. Those waffles look great. And it seems like you've done so much. Glad to see more regular posts here too!

  3. The waffles are yummy although not as deep as proper ones, but with a £9.99 Lidl waffle maker what can you expect?! Even got Ross trained in making them already :)

  4. I'm loving the look of those waffles!and is that a yellow bunny you've crocheted?It's so cute!

  5. Bet it has rained since this post! Loving the rabbits :)


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