Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Catch up

So meal planning Monday totally worked, until last night I was starting the bolognese and sliced my finger open. Once the bleeding had stopped I felt a bit ill so ended up just eating toast and Nutella for tea instead - healthy. Tonight is spaghetti but I think I'll leave the chopping to someone else.

In other news, I finally finished In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. This book, one of my huge stack of library books to plough through, took me bloody ages to read! It was an average length novel, 340 pages, but it only had four chapters. Four chapters is not acceptable for a book of that size. For this reason I found I could only really read it in big chunks of time. 15 minutes here and there was not going to cut it with the mega-chapters.

I struggled to get into it but had heard good things so I persevered. This is not a spoiler, you know from the start there’s been a murder (say it in your best Taggart voice). But the reviews I had read said what compelled them to keep reading was the details - the how and the why. They were right and as I read on I found myself wanting to know all the details too. Especially because they were real and they happened. In the end I really enjoyed it (even though it did give me nightmares!) and I think a lot of that was due to the fact it was based on a true crime.

Stupidly I have since started another crime book, In The Woods. This one hasn't given me nightmares yet.


  1. Oh dear - but it is good to have nutella on toast as a standby!

    I felt the same with In Cold Blood, struggled at first, then wanted to know more and more and had nightmares!

    I hope In the Woods continues to not give you nightmares! xx

    1. No nightmares from In the Woods thankfully, but a bit of an unsatisfactory ending. Still enjoyed it.

  2. I've been reading a lot of crime lately too, not really intentionally! I can get a bit freaked out by scary books but as mine are mainly young adult fiction I think I can handle it!

    1. I don't normally get too freaked out but this one got to me a bit. Think I might go for some YA next, just to get me out of my criminal phase. Divergent is sitting in the pile and I've heard good things


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