Monday, 12 November 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like (an early) Christmas!

This weekend I made my first visit of 2012 to the Danish Christmas shop near where I'm from. It's crammed with gorgeous decorations, candles and other Christmas decor that I really don't need but really want!
I also made a Christmas calendar to make sure I don't miss out on anything important, like going to see The Snowman at the Festival Theatre or watching It's A Wonderful Life at the GFT. I know, organised fun is the best fun :)
Despite the fact I have 6 more birthdays to celebrate, a new niece/nephew to welcome into the world and a first wedding anniversary all happening before Christmas, I still feel in a very festive mood. I think this is exactly why I loved getting married at this time of year, it feels like after Bonfire Night it's just downhill until Christmas!
Christmas fair at farnell #shareadvent #holidaysarecoming


  1. That shop looks fantastic and I am so impressed by you scheduling time for Christmassy fun. I always say I will and then don't (but last year I did get to see It's A Wonderful Life at the NFT/whatever it is called now)

  2. Love the look of that shop! I've never seen It's a wonderful life but really want to.

  3. When is It's a Wonderful Life on? Never managed to see it on the big screen!

  4. It's a Wonderful Life is on at the GFT from 7th-27th December. It's going on my calendar this year!

  5. When it comes to Christmas, I agree with organised fun being fun! You need to keep in sight all the fun things you have planned just to stay sane ;) Merry Christmas my dear xx


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