Friday, 5 October 2012

In the pink

I'm not a pink person. Not for any particular reason, but I have red hair so pink isn't really the best look for me. I used to wear a lot of green but not so much now (Bex kind of has that covered anyway!) My current object of envy is anything burgandy. 

But today I am a pink person. And my blog is a pink blog. And so are lots of other blogs. And hopefully lots of people, and food, and drinks, and photos, and... you get the idea. Why? Because it's Pink Friday of course.

Pink Fridays Breast Cancer Care are designed to raise funds and awareness of breast cancer in a fun way that everyone can get involved in.

I don't have a huge amount of personal experience with breast cancer. My godmother had it but it was caught very early and she's now all clear thankfully. But I know other people who have been affected by it, and chances are I will know more as I get older. And lots of the people I know have breasts, I even have a set of my own. Which means that I have to be aware and so does every woman reading this. And men, because you can get it too. Or your mum. Or your sister. Or your friends. You get it.

As I said I don't wear a lot of pink. But this blog will stay pink all day (with the technical difficulties I had changing the background it may well just stay pink! I will wear something pink tomorrow, even if all I can find is nail polish. I will force myself to eat pink cake and I will listen to a pink soundtrack as I work - Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, the woman herself. I'll also use it as an excuse to eat my absolute favourite - beetroot sandwiches. Don't judge me it's for charity.

Now go and check out Kirsty over at A Safe Mooring who's got a whole host of other bloggers to turn pink for the day. She knows a wee bit about this kind of thing and it;s close to her heart. And also let me know what you think of the new look...once you've gone pink you'll never go back???

On Friday 5th October, bloggers are turning their blogs pink in support of Breast Cancer Care. Join them by turning a Friday pink this October!

Dress pink, eat pink, party pink or work pink. How you turn your Friday pink is up to you. It doesn’t matter how pink you go, we just need you to join the thousands who’ll be raising money during October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And if a Friday doesn’t work, just pick a day that does! It doesn’t matter if you raise £20 or £200 at your Pink Friday as every penny will be help us support more people affected by breast cancer today.

SIGN UP NOW to receive your free Pink Fridays fundraising kit and help make 2012 the best year yet!

To see which blogs are turning pink for Pink Fridays, visit A Safe Mooring or follow #pinkfridays

If you would like to support Breast Cancer Care but can't throw a Pink Friday of your own, you can donate here.


  1. I love this idea and seeing the tide of pink blogs popping up - I hope it would not be too late to join in?

    1. I'm sure Kirsty would love to have more. Just tweet or email her a link and she'll add you to her blog list. I'm loving the pink look :)

    2. Yes definitely, that would be amazing! Thanks Siobhan!

  2. This is amazing, thanks so much Linsey! xx


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